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Greetings, readers! If you are on this page, it is safe to say that you are curious about call center operations in West Tulsa, OK. Whether you are a business owner looking to outsource your customer service department or an individual looking for a job in the telemarketing industry, this guide will provide you with all the essential information you need. With our comprehensive research and analysis, we aim to cover everything from the top-performing call centers to frequently asked questions about West Tulsa. So sit back, grab a coffee and let’s dive right in!


Call centers are an essential component of the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry that has grown exponentially in recent years. With businesses requiring 24/7 customer support, companies are outsourcing their customer service departments to reputable call centers in West Tulsa. West Tulsa has become a significant hub for call center operations due to its central location, cost-effective workforce, and advanced technological infrastructure. As a result, the city has witnessed a surge in the number of call centers over the years, providing job opportunities and contributing to the economy’s growth.

At the heart of the call center industry lies customer satisfaction. Call centers are tasked with providing quality customer service and support to clients, ensuring their experience is seamless and satisfactory. It is essential to note that not all call centers operate at the same level or offer the same services. Some call centers focus on inbound calls, while others specialize in outbound calls. Additionally, some call centers cater to specific industries such as healthcare, finance, or telecommunications. Therefore, it is crucial to identify the right call center that fits your business needs.

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📊 Table: Top 5 Call Centers in West Tulsa, OK

Call Center Name Services Offered Contact Information
1. Alorica Inbound, Outbound, Email and Chat Support, Technical Support, Sales 918-280-5000
2. AT&T Technical Support, Sales, Customer Service 918-447-7000
3. Verizon Wireless Customer Support, Technical Support, Sales 918-461-4000
4. Sitel Inbound, Outbound, Technical Support, Sales 918-248-4777
5. Cox Communications Customer Support, Technical Support, Sales 918-286-3000

West Tulsa, OK: A Detailed Overview

Nestled in the southwestern part of Tulsa County, West Tulsa is a prime location for businesses looking to set up BPO operations. The city has easy access to major highways, including the I-44, making it easy to commute to downtown Tulsa or other regions. Furthermore, West Tulsa has a population of over 1,000,000 residents, making it a prime location to source labor from.

The cost of living in West Tulsa is relatively low compared to other US cities, making it an affordable option for businesses. Additionally, the city’s economy is heavily reliant on the BPO industry, with call centers being one of the top employers. Over the years, West Tulsa has transformed into a leading offshore outsourcing destination, attracting businesses from all over the world.

The city has made significant investments in its infrastructure and technology, providing advanced communication tools such as high-speed internet and fiber optic networks to support its growing call center industry. Additionally, the city’s local government has implemented tax incentives and other benefits to attract businesses to the city.

📌 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Services Do Call Centers in West Tulsa Offer?

Call centers in West Tulsa offer a variety of services ranging from customer support, technical support, sales, and marketing. Some call centers also offer email and chat support services to their clients.

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2. What are the Working Hours for Call Centers in West Tulsa?

Most call centers in West Tulsa operate 24/7 to meet their clients’ needs. The shift timings vary depending on the company’s operation hours, with some call centers offering flexible work hours.

3. What Skills are Required to Work in a Call Center?

Working in a call center requires excellent communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and customer service skills. Most call centers also require basic computer knowledge and typing skills.

4. How Much Does it Cost to Outsource a Call Center in West Tulsa?

The cost of outsourcing a call center in West Tulsa depends on the services required, the number of agents, and the duration of the project. However, most call centers in West Tulsa offer competitive rates compared to other US cities.

5. How Can I Identify a Reliable Call Center in West Tulsa?

You can identify a reliable call center in West Tulsa by conducting thorough research, reviewing online testimonials, and checking their service offerings. Additionally, you can ask for referrals from other businesses with experience in outsourcing to call centers in West Tulsa.

6. What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing to a Call Center in West Tulsa?

Outsourcing to a call center in West Tulsa offers several benefits, including cost savings, access to a skilled workforce, and increased flexibility. Additionally, outsourcing to a call center in West Tulsa can help businesses focus on other core competencies and improve overall performance.

7. How Can I Talk to a Representative from a Call Center in West Tulsa?

You can talk to a representative from a call center in West Tulsa by contacting them via phone or email. Most call centers have a dedicated customer service team that is available to address client queries and concerns.

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In conclusion, West Tulsa has established itself as a leading call center hub, offering businesses cost-effective solutions to their customer service needs. With advanced technological infrastructure, a skilled workforce, and tax incentives, West Tulsa has become a prime destination for businesses looking to outsource their call center operations. As a result, the city has experienced significant economic growth, creating job opportunities and improving the standard of living for its residents.

If you are looking for reliable call centers in West Tulsa, we hope this guide provided you with valuable insights. Remember to conduct thorough research before partnering with a call center to ensure they meet your business requirements.

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