Volaris Hours Call Center: Everything You Need to Know

Greetings, dear readers! If you’re here, it’s probably because you’re curious about Volaris’ hours of operation for their call center. Well, you’re in the right place! In this article, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about Volaris hours, including their opening and closing times, how to contact their customer service team, and more. Let’s dive in!

The Importance of Volaris Call Center Hours

As a frequent flyer or someone who’s planning a trip with Volaris, it’s important to know their call center hours. This information can help you plan your travel and ensure that you have access to customer service when you need it. Whether you need to change your flight, make a complaint, or inquire about a specific service, knowing when the call center is open can save you time and effort.

Volaris Call Center Hours of Operation

Days Opening Time Closing Time
Monday to Sunday 24 hours 24 hours

Yes, you read that right! Volaris’ call center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which means you can contact them any time of the day or night. Whether you’re dealing with an urgent matter or just have a question, you can rest assured that their customer service team will be available to assist you.

How to Contact Volaris Customer Service

There are several ways to get in touch with Volaris’ customer service team, including:

1. Phone

You can reach Volaris’ call center by calling the following numbers:

  • USA: 1-855-865-2747
  • Mexico: 01-800-122-8000
  • Guatemala: 502-2301-3939
  • Costa Rica: 506-4002-7462

Once you dial the appropriate number, simply follow the prompts to reach a customer service representative.

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2. Chat

If you prefer to communicate via chat, you can access Volaris’ chat service through their website. Simply click on the “Chat” button on their homepage and follow the prompts to start a conversation with a representative.

3. Social Media

Volaris is active on social media, including Twitter and Facebook, so you can send them a direct message or post a comment on their page. However, keep in mind that their response time may be slower than other methods.

FAQs About Volaris Call Center Hours

1. How do I speak to a live person at Volaris?

You can reach Volaris’ customer service team by calling their phone number, chatting with them through their website, or messaging them on social media.

2. Is Volaris’ call center open 24/7?

Yes, Volaris’ call center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

3. What services can I access through Volaris’ call center?

You can access a variety of services through Volaris’ call center, including flight changes, refunds, baggage inquiries, and more.

4. Can I contact Volaris by email?

No, Volaris prefers that customers contact them through their phone, chat, or social media channels.

5. Where can I find Volaris’ phone numbers?

You can find Volaris’ phone numbers on their website, under the “Contact Us” section.

6. Can I contact Volaris if I’m not a customer?

Yes, you can still contact Volaris’ customer service team even if you’re not a customer. However, keep in mind that they may prioritize inquiries from current customers.

7. How long does it take Volaris to respond to chat inquiries?

It typically takes Volaris’ customer service team a few minutes to respond to chat inquiries, but response times may vary depending on the volume of inquiries they receive.

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8. Can I contact Volaris’ customer service in Spanish?

Yes, Volaris’ customer service representatives speak both English and Spanish.

9. Does Volaris have a customer service app?

No, Volaris does not have a customer service app at this time.

10. Can Volaris customer service help me with booking a flight?

Yes, you can contact Volaris’ customer service team if you need assistance with booking a flight.

11. How can I check the status of my flight?

You can check the status of your flight on Volaris’ website or by contacting their customer service team.

12. Can I make changes to my flight booking through Volaris’ call center?

Yes, you can make changes to your flight booking by contacting Volaris’ customer service team.

13. What documents do I need to have when contacting Volaris’ customer service?

You’ll need to have your booking confirmation number and any relevant travel documents on hand when contacting Volaris’ customer service.


In conclusion, Volaris’ call center is open 24/7, and you can contact them through phone, chat, or social media. Knowing their hours of operation and how to contact their customer service team can help you save time and ensure that you have access to assistance when you need it. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Volaris if you have any questions or concerns!

Thank you for reading, and safe travels!


The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication. However, Volaris’ call center hours and policies are subject to change without notice. Always check Volaris’ website or contact their customer service team for the most up-to-date information.

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