Vattenfall Call Center: A Comprehensive Guide

The Wonders of Vattenfall

Welcome to our guide on Vattenfall, one of Europe’s biggest energy companies. This company has been around for more than 100 years and is known for its outstanding customer service. Vattenfall has established a call center to support and assist its customers. In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about Vattenfall’s call center, including its services, benefits, and much more.

The Importance of a Call Center

In the world of business, a call center is essential. It is where customers interact with the company’s representatives to resolve any issues they may have. A call center is an extension of a company’s customer service, and it defines how a company treats its customers. It is the first point of contact for customers and represents the face of the company. With Vattenfall’s call center, customers can expect excellent service with well-trained representatives at their disposal.

What is Vattenfall?

Vattenfall is an energy company that provides electricity, heat, and gas. The company’s headquarters is in Stockholm, Sweden, and it has a considerable presence in several European countries. Vattenfall has 20,000 employees and generates over €16 billion in annual revenue. The company is committed to producing electricity sustainably and has a goal to become carbon-neutral within a generation.

When Was Vattenfall Established?

Vattenfall was established in 1909, as a state-owned company. It began as a hydroelectric power producer and has since expanded to produce other forms of energy, such as nuclear power, wind power, and thermal power. The company became privatized in 1992 and has continued to grow since then.

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What Services Does the Vattenfall Call Center Provide?

Vattenfall’s call center provides a range of services, including:

Service Description
Customer Service The call center provides assistance to customers with any queries or issues they have.
Technical Support The call center provides technical support to customers who require assistance with their energy supply.
New Connections Call center representatives can help customers with new connection requests and answer any questions they may have.
Billing Customers can contact the call center to resolve any billing or payment issues.

What Are the Benefits of Using Vattenfall’s Call Center?

There are several benefits to using Vattenfall’s call center, including:

  • 24/7 Support: Vattenfall’s call center operates 24/7, providing customers with support whenever they need it.
  • Skilled Representatives: Vattenfall’s call center representatives are well-trained and knowledgeable, providing efficient and effective service.
  • Multiple Communication Channels: Customers can contact the call center through various communication channels, including phone, email, and live chat.
  • Quick Response Times: Vattenfall’s call center provides quick response times to customers, ensuring that their issues are resolved as soon as possible.

How Can I Contact Vattenfall’s Call Center?

Customers can contact Vattenfall’s call center through various communication channels, including:

  • Phone: You can call the customer service number at +46 8 739 5000.
  • Email: You can send an email to
  • Live Chat: You can chat with a representative online through Vattenfall’s website.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I register for Vattenfall’s services?

You can visit Vattenfall’s website and click on the “Register” button to create an account and sign up for their services.

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2. How can I pay my bills?

You can pay your bills through Vattenfall’s website or by calling the customer service number.

3. Can I switch to Vattenfall if I am an existing customer of another energy provider?

Yes, you can switch to Vattenfall at any time. Vattenfall provides easy and hassle-free switching for customers.

4. Can I choose a green energy plan with Vattenfall?

Yes, Vattenfall provides several green energy plans for customers.

5. Does Vattenfall provide energy solutions for businesses?

Yes, Vattenfall provides energy solutions for businesses of all sizes.

6. How can I track my energy usage?

You can track your energy usage through Vattenfall’s website by logging into your account.

7. Can Vattenfall provide emergency assistance?

Yes, Vattenfall’s call center provides emergency assistance, such as power outages, 24/7.

8. How does Vattenfall protect the environment?

Vattenfall is committed to producing electricity sustainably and has a goal to become carbon-neutral within a generation. The company invests heavily in renewable energy sources such as wind power, solar power, and hydroelectric power.

9. What happens if I experience issues with my energy supply?

You can contact Vattenfall’s call center for assistance with any issues with your energy supply.

10. Can Vattenfall provide me with advice on how I can reduce my energy consumption?

Yes, Vattenfall provides tips and advice on how customers can reduce their energy consumption and save on their energy bills.

11. Can I request a refund for my energy bill?

If you have been overcharged or have a credit on your account, you can request a refund through Vattenfall’s customer service.

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12. Can I cancel my Vattenfall account?

Yes, you can cancel your Vattenfall account at any time. You can contact the customer service number for assistance with canceling your account.

13. How long does it take to switch to Vattenfall?

The switch to Vattenfall typically takes 2-4 weeks, depending on your location and the services you require.


In conclusion, Vattenfall’s call center is an essential part of the company’s customer service. The call center provides excellent support to customers, with skilled and knowledgeable representatives available 24/7. If you want to switch to Vattenfall or have any queries about their services, you can contact their call center through various communication channels. We hope that this guide has been helpful and informative, and we encourage you to take advantage of Vattenfall’s call center services.


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