Ubiquity Bacolod: An Overview of a Leading Call Center in the Philippines

Connecting the World: An Introduction

Welcome to a world where communication is key, and every voice matters. In today’s global economy, businesses require an efficient and reliable way to connect with customers around the clock, no matter where they are in the world. That is where call centers come in – providing an essential service that bridges the gap between businesses and their customers.

In the Philippines, call centers have become a significant player in the outsourcing industry. With its booming business process outsourcing (BPO) sector, the country has emerged as one of the top destinations for call center services, particularly in the Visayas region. One of the leading call centers in the area is Ubiquity Bacolod.

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at Ubiquity Bacolod, its services, and what sets it apart from its competitors. From its history to its present-day operations, we will explore how this call center continues to deliver excellent results to its clients. So, whether you are a business owner looking for call center solutions or a job seeker interested in the BPO industry, read on to find out more about Ubiquity Bacolod.

A Brief History of Ubiquity Bacolod

Ubiquity Bacolod is a subsidiary of Ubiquity Global Services, a leading provider of BPO solutions to companies worldwide. Originally founded in 1989 as ICT Group, the company underwent a rebranding in 2012, changing its name to Ubiquity Global Services. With operations in the USA, Europe, and the Philippines, Ubiquity offers a wide range of services, including customer care, technical support, sales, and back-office processing.

In 2014, Ubiquity acquired Customer Contact Services Philippines (CCSP), a BPO firm based in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. This strategic move allowed Ubiquity to expand its operations in the Philippines and tap into a highly skilled workforce in the Visayas region. Since then, Ubiquity Bacolod has become a significant player in the BPO industry, catering to clients from various sectors, including healthcare, telecommunications, retail, and finance.

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Ubiquity Bacolod: What Sets It Apart

With so many call centers in the Philippines, what makes Ubiquity Bacolod stand out from the rest? Here are some key factors that contribute to its success:

πŸ“ž Comprehensive Services: Ubiquity Bacolod offers a wide range of BPO solutions to its clients, from voice to non-voice services. This comprehensive approach allows clients to choose the services that best suit their business needs.

πŸ“ž State-of-the-art Technology: Ubiquity Bacolod invests in the latest technology to ensure efficient and reliable service delivery. The call center uses cutting-edge equipment and software, such as voice biometrics and speech analytics, to enhance the customer experience.

πŸ“ž Skilled Workforce: Ubiquity Bacolod has a team of highly skilled professionals who undergo rigorous training to ensure quality service delivery. The call center also provides career growth opportunities for its employees, promoting a culture of excellence and innovation.

πŸ“ž Industry Recognition: Ubiquity Bacolod has received numerous awards and recognitions for its outstanding performance in the BPO industry. In 2019, the call center was named the “Best Contact Center of the Year” by the Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP).

Services Offered by Ubiquity Bacolod

Ubiquity Bacolod offers a wide range of BPO solutions to its clients, including:

Service Description
Customer Care Inbound and outbound call handling, email support, and chat support.
Technical Support Troubleshooting, issue resolution, and product support.
Sales Inbound and outbound sales, lead generation, and telemarketing.
Back-office Processing Data entry, document processing, and other administrative tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What industries does Ubiquity Bacolod cater to?

Ubiquity Bacolod serves clients from various sectors, including healthcare, telecommunications, retail, and finance.

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What languages does Ubiquity Bacolod support?

Ubiquity Bacolod supports English as well as other languages such as Spanish and French.

What makes Ubiquity Bacolod different from other call centers in the Philippines?

Ubiquity Bacolod offers a comprehensive range of services, uses state-of-the-art technology, has a skilled workforce, and has received industry recognition for its outstanding performance.

What training programs does Ubiquity Bacolod offer to its employees?

Ubiquity Bacolod provides extensive training programs for its employees, including product and service training, soft skills training, and leadership development programs.

What are the working hours at Ubiquity Bacolod?

Ubiquity Bacolod operates 24/7, providing round-the-clock support to its clients.

How does Ubiquity Bacolod ensure data privacy and security?

Ubiquity Bacolod adheres to strict data privacy and security protocols, ensuring that client information is kept confidential and secure at all times.

What career opportunities are available at Ubiquity Bacolod?

Ubiquity Bacolod provides career growth opportunities for its employees, including promotions, skills development, and leadership roles.

What are the payment options available for Ubiquity Bacolod’s services?

Ubiquity Bacolod accepts various payment options, including credit card, bank transfer, and PayPal.

Does Ubiquity Bacolod offer customized solutions to its clients?

Yes, Ubiquity Bacolod provides customized solutions to its clients, depending on their specific business needs.

How does Ubiquity Bacolod ensure quality service delivery?

Ubiquity Bacolod has a rigorous quality assurance program in place, ensuring that all calls and interactions meet industry standards and exceed client expectations.

What is Ubiquity Bacolod’s approach to customer service?

Ubiquity Bacolod believes in a customer-centric approach, putting the needs and preferences of customers at the forefront of its service delivery.

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What support channels does Ubiquity Bacolod have for its clients?

Ubiquity Bacolod provides support through various channels, including phone, email, chat, and social media.

What is the turnaround time for Ubiquity Bacolod’s services?

Turnaround time varies depending on the client’s requirements and the type of service needed. Ubiquity Bacolod works closely with clients to ensure timely and efficient service delivery.

How can clients get in touch with Ubiquity Bacolod?

Clients can get in touch with Ubiquity Bacolod through its website, email, or by phone.


In today’s fast-paced business world, call centers play a crucial role in ensuring excellent customer service and support. Ubiquity Bacolod has distinguished itself as one of the leading call centers in the Philippines, providing comprehensive solutions to clients across various industries. With a skilled workforce, state-of-the-art technology, and a customer-centric approach, Ubiquity Bacolod continues to deliver outstanding results to its clients. Whether you are a business owner looking for BPO solutions or a job seeker interested in the BPO industry, Ubiquity Bacolod is worth considering. Take advantage of their services and experience exceptional customer service today.


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