No Citilink Call Center: Why You Should Know About It

The Shocking Truth Behind the Absence of Citilink’s Customer Service Hotline

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Imagine you’re on your way to your next adventure, and you suddenly encounter a problem with your Citilink flight. You panic and try to reach out to their customer service hotline, but to your surprise, you find out that they don’t have one. Yes, you read that right! Citilink Indonesia, a low-cost carrier that operates under the flag carrier company Garuda Indonesia, does not have a call center for its customers.

This fact may come as a surprise to many of you, but it has been a reality for Citilink’s passengers for years now. It’s time to know the truth behind Citilink’s decision to not provide a call center for their customers.

Why Does Citilink Not Have a Call Center?


The Explanation Behind Citilink’s Decision:

1. Citilink’s lack of a call center is due to their emphasis on digital customer service channels such as chatbots and social media handles. They believe that these channels provide a faster and more efficient way to assist their customers.

2. Another reason is the cost-cutting strategy. Having a call center would require extra equipment, staff, and maintenance costs that Citilink wants to avoid to keep their ticket prices low.

3. Lastly, Citilink claims that they have not received many complaints about the absence of a call center, indicating that their customers are satisfied with their current customer service channels.

Table: Citilink’s Complete Contact Information

Contact Information Details
Live Chat Support Available on their official website
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Frequently Asked Questions About Citilink’s No Call Center Policy

1. How do I contact Citilink if I have an issue with my flight?

You can reach out to Citilink through their official website, social media handles, or chatbot support available on their website.

2. Can I email Citilink for customer support?

Yes, you can email them at for customer support.

3. Why did Citilink decide to not have a call center?

There are several reasons behind their decision, including a cost-cutting strategy and emphasis on digital customer service channels.

4. Are Citilink’s current customer service channels efficient?

Citilink claims that they have not received many complaints about their current customer service channels, indicating that they are efficient.

5. Can I still request a refund for my Citilink flight?

Yes, you can request a refund through their website or by contacting them through their other customer service channels.

6. Does the absence of a call center affect Citilink’s service quality?

There is no evidence to suggest that the absence of a call center affects their service quality. However, it may cause inconvenience to customers who prefer to contact them through phone support.

7. Is Citilink the only airline without a call center?

No, several low-cost carriers around the world do not have call centers as part of their customer service channels.

The Bottom Line


We hope that this article has shed some light on Citilink’s no call center policy and provided you with the necessary information to reach out to them for customer support. While their decision may seem unconventional, it is essential to recognize the changing dynamics of customer service in the digital age.

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If you’re a Citilink passenger, we recommend that you bookmark their website and social media handles for quick customer support. If you believe that Citilink should provide a call center, you can voice your opinion by reaching out to them through their available channels.

Happy travels!


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