Kopfhörer für Call Center: The Ultimate Guide


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the best headphones for call centers. As more and more businesses move towards remote work, call centers have become an essential part of ensuring efficient communication with customers. With this in mind, it’s crucial that call center agents have high-quality headphones that enable them to communicate clearly and comfortably with customers.

However, with so many different types of headphones available, choosing the right one for your call center can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help you make an informed decision.

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at kopfhörer für call center and explain the key features you should consider when purchasing headphones for your agents. We’ll also provide some recommendations for the best headphones on the market, along with a list of frequently asked questions to address any concerns you might have.

So, whether you’re just starting out as a call center manager or you’re looking to upgrade your existing equipment, this guide is for you.

Who is this guide for?

This guide is for anyone who is involved in managing a call center, from team leaders to HR managers. It’s also suitable for agents who want to make sure they have the best possible equipment to do their job. Whether you’re in a small business or a large corporation, this guide will provide you with the information you need to choose the right headphones for your call center.

The benefits of high-quality headphones for call center agents

High-quality headphones are essential for call center agents for several reasons. Firstly, they improve the quality of sound, ensuring that agents can hear and communicate with customers clearly. Secondly, good headphones can help to reduce fatigue and discomfort, making it easier for agents to work for longer periods without experiencing discomfort.

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Additionally, high-quality headphones can help to improve the overall experience of both customers and agents by minimizing background noise and providing a more immersive experience.

Ultimately, investing in the right kopfhörer für call center can help to increase productivity and job satisfaction among your agents, leading to better customer service and ultimately, better business results.

Key features to consider when choosing headphones for call centers

Feature Description
Noise-cancellation Minimizes background noise, allowing for clearer communication with customers.
Comfort The headphones should be comfortable to wear for extended periods, with padding and adjustable headbands.
Sound quality Clear and crisp sound quality is essential to ensure that agents can hear customers and vice versa.
Microphone quality The microphone should be of high quality to ensure that customers can hear agents clearly.
Durability Headphones should be built to last and able to withstand heavy use.
Wired vs. wireless Choose between wired and wireless headphones based on your agents’ needs and preferences.
Price Consider the cost of the headphones and ensure that they fall within your budget.

Kopfhörer für Call Center

When it comes to headphones for call centers, there are several options to choose from. Here are some of the best headphones on the market:

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

The Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 are one of the best headphones for call centers on the market. They offer excellent noise cancellation, comfortable padding, and clear sound quality. The microphone quality is also excellent, ensuring that customers can hear agents clearly.

Additionally, these headphones have a sleek design and are built to last, making them an excellent investment for any call center.

Jabra Evolve2 85

The Jabra Evolve2 85 headphones are another excellent option for call centers. They offer superior noise cancellation and clear sound quality, making communication with customers a breeze. Additionally, they’re comfortable to wear for extended periods and have a durable build.

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Finally, the Jabra Evolve2 85 headphones come with a range of useful features, including a 37-hour battery life and a ‘busy light’ to let colleagues know when you’re on a call.

Sennheiser SC 660 USB ML

The Sennheiser SC 660 USB ML headphones are a great choice for call centers that prioritize sound quality. They offer crystal-clear audio and have a high-quality microphone for clear communication with customers.

Additionally, they’re comfortable to wear for extended periods and have a durable build. Finally, the Sennheiser SC 660 USB ML headphones are compatible with a wide range of devices, making them a versatile choice for any call center.


1. What are the best headphones for call centers?

Some of the best headphones for call centers include the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700, Jabra Evolve2 85, and Sennheiser SC 660 USB ML. These headphones offer excellent noise cancellation, sound quality, and comfort, making them the perfect choice for call center agents.

2. What are the benefits of noise-cancelling headphones for call centers?

Noise-cancelling headphones help to minimize background noise, making it easier for agents to communicate with customers. This can lead to better call quality and improved productivity.

3. Should I choose wired or wireless headphones?

This depends on your agents’ preferences and needs. Wired headphones offer a more reliable connection and usually have better sound quality, while wireless headphones offer more freedom of movement.

4. What is the price range for headphones for call centers?

Headphones for call centers range in price from around $50 to $400. The price you pay will depend on the features you require and the quality of the headphones.

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5. How important is microphone quality?

Microphone quality is essential in call centers, as it allows for clear communication with customers. Poor microphone quality can lead to misunderstandings and frustration on both sides.

6. Can I use regular headphones for a call center?

You can use regular headphones for a call center, but it’s not recommended. Regular headphones don’t have the features necessary for clear communication with customers, and they may not be comfortable enough for extended use.

7. What is the best way to care for headphones for a call center?

You should clean your headphones regularly with a soft, dry cloth to avoid the buildup of dirt and grime. Additionally, store them in a safe place when not in use to minimize the risk of damage.


Choosing the right headphones for your call center is essential for ensuring clear communication with customers and creating a comfortable working environment for your agents. By considering the key features outlined in this guide and choosing from one of our recommended headphones, you’re sure to find the perfect option for your needs.

Investing in high-quality kopfhörer für call center can help to increase productivity, job satisfaction, and ultimately, business results. So, why not take the first step towards improving your call center today?

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