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Welcome to our ultimate guide on certificacion de servicios for call center services. 📞 In today’s fast-paced world, call center services have become a significant part of every business, and it’s essential to provide high-quality customer service. Therefore, it’s necessary to get certified and ensure that the call center services you offer meet the industry standards. In this article, we will take you through the certification process, its benefits, and how to get certified.

What is Certificacion de Servicios?

Certificacion de Servicios is a certification process that assesses and evaluates call center services’ quality and standards. This certification process ensures that call center services have the necessary systems and processes in place to provide high-quality service to customers. Getting certified helps call centers improve their services, standards, and customer satisfaction levels.

Why Get Certified?

Certification demonstrates that a call center has met the industry standards and has implemented the necessary processes and systems to provide high-quality services. It sets a benchmark for quality and assures customers that they will get the best service. Certification also helps call centers identify areas for improvement and implement measures to improve service quality.

Who Can Get Certified?

Certificacion de Servicios is open to any business that offers call center services. This includes inbound and outbound call centers, help desks, and customer service centers. The certification process is available for businesses of any size, from small start-ups to large enterprises.

How to Get Certified?

Getting certified involves a few steps. The first step is to select an accredited certification body. Accredited certification bodies are independent organizations that assess and evaluate call center services’ quality and standards. Once you have selected an accredited certification body, the next step is to submit an application. The certification body will then review your application and conduct an audit to evaluate your call center’s services and processes. If your center meets the required standards, you will receive certification.

Benefits of Certification

Getting certified has several benefits, including:- Improves service quality- Provides a competitive advantage- Enhances customer satisfaction- Increases employee morale- Increases business efficiency and productivity- Helps identify areas for improvement- Improves risk management

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The Certification Process

The certification process involves several steps, including:- Application submission- Gap analysis- Audit planning- On-site assessment- Certification decision- Certificate issuance- Surveillance audits

Requirements for Certification

To get certified, call center services must meet the following requirements:- Have a documented quality management system- Implement processes for customer interaction management- Have skilled and trained agents- Provide regular feedback to agents- Have a customer feedback mechanism in place- Continually improve their services

What Does Certificacion de Servicios Entail?

Certificacion de Servicios involves assessing and evaluating several aspects of call center services. These aspects include:

Management System Requirements

Certificacion de Servicios requires that call center services have a documented quality management system (QMS) in place. This QMS should be designed to ensure that the call center services meet the required quality standards. The QMS should include policies, procedures, and processes for managing call center services.

Customer Interaction Management

Certification requirements also include implementing processes for customer interaction management. These processes should cover all customer interactions, including inquiries, requests, and complaints. They should also ensure that agents have access to the necessary information to handle customer inquiries effectively.

Skilled and Trained Agents

To provide quality service, call centers must have skilled and trained agents. Certification requires that call centers have a process for identifying agents’ training needs and providing them with the necessary training. Additionally, the certification process ensures that agents have the necessary skills to handle customer inquiries effectively.

Feedback Mechanism

Certificacion de Servicios requires that call centers have a customer feedback mechanism in place. This mechanism should enable customers to provide feedback on the call center services. Feedback can be in the form of complaints, suggestions, or compliments. The feedback mechanism is essential in identifying areas for improvement and making necessary changes.

Continual Improvement

Finally, certification requirements include continuously improving call center services. Call centers should regularly review their services and processes and identify areas for improvement. They should also implement corrective actions to address any issues identified.

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Table: Requirements for Certificacion de Servicios

Requirement Description
Documented QMS The call center must have a documented quality management system in place.
Customer Interaction Management The call center must have processes in place for managing customer interactions.
Skilled and Trained Agents The call center must have skilled and trained agents to handle customer inquiries.
Feedback Mechanism The call center must have a customer feedback mechanism in place.
Continual Improvement The call center must continually improve its services.


What is the cost of certification?

Certification costs vary depending on the certification body and the scope of the certification. It’s essential to conduct research and compare the costs of different certification bodies.

How long does it take to get certified?

The certification process takes several weeks, depending on the certification body and the scope of the certification.

What is the validity period of certification?

Certification is valid for a specific period, usually one year. After that, call centers have to conduct surveillance audits to maintain certification.

What happens if a call center fails to meet the required standards?

If a call center fails to meet the required standards, they will not receive certification. However, they can implement corrective actions and apply for certification again.

What are the benefits of using certified call center services?

Using certified call center services provides assurance of quality service, improves customer satisfaction, and enhances business reputation.

Is certification mandatory for call center services?

Certification is not mandatory. However, it provides a competitive advantage and improves service quality.

How can call centers prepare for certification?

Call centers can prepare for certification by implementing a documented QMS, providing training to agents, implementing customer feedback mechanisms, and continuously improving their services.

What is the role of the certification body?

The certification body assesses and evaluates call center services’ quality and standards and issues certification if the call center meets the required standards.

How often should call centers conduct surveillance audits?

Call centers should conduct surveillance audits annually to maintain certification.

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What are the benefits of a customer feedback mechanism?

A customer feedback mechanism helps identify areas for improvement, enhances customer satisfaction, and improves service quality.

Can small call centers get certified?

Certification is available to businesses of any size, including small call centers.

What are the consequences of not getting certified?

Not getting certified can lead to a loss of customers, decreased business efficiency, and a damaged reputation.


Certificacion de Servicios is an essential process for call centers that want to provide high-quality services and meet industry standards. Certification provides several benefits, such as improving service quality, enhancing customer satisfaction, and increasing business efficiency. Getting certified requires call centers to implement the necessary processes and systems, including a documented QMS, processes for customer interaction management, skilled and trained agents, a feedback mechanism, and continuous improvement. If you’re a call center service provider, getting certified can set you apart from your competitors and provide assurance of quality service to your customers.

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If you’re a call center service provider or manager, don’t wait; start the certification process today and improve your services’ quality and standards. Contact an accredited certification body and apply for certification.

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