Avanza Call Center: Providing Exceptional Customer Service

An Introduction to Avanza Call Center

👋 Greetings! Are you seeking exceptional customer service for your business? Then, look no further than Avanza Call Center! Established in 2001, Avanza has become one of the leading call centers in the industry, offering a wide range of services to various businesses across the globe. With over two decades of experience, Avanza understands the importance of providing outstanding customer support, both inbound and outbound, and making client satisfaction a top priority.

As a thriving global business, Avanza has operations in several countries, including the Philippines, the United States, and El Salvador. The company’s commitment to quality, innovation, and excellence has made it the go-to call center for reputable organizations globally. This article delves deeper into the world of Avanza, what sets it apart from other call centers, and why you should consider partnering with them.

The History of Avanza Call Center

Avanza Call Center was founded in 2001, with its first location in San Salvador, El Salvador. The company started as a small but promising firm that specialized solely in telemarketing services. Over the years, the company’s solid work ethic, commitment to excellence, and unmatched customer service helped it grow exponentially.

Today, Avanza Call Center has expanded to various countries, including the United States and the Philippines, and offers a wide range of services to a diverse clientele. This growth is mainly due to the company’s dedication to quality, reliability, and innovation.

Why Choose Avanza Call Center?

What sets Avanza Call Center apart from other call centers? Below are some key points that illustrate why Avanza is an excellent choice:

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Key Point Description
Experience With over two decades of experience, Avanza has built a reputation as an industry leader in customer support services.
Quality Control Avanza’s quality control process ensures that only the best customer service is provided.
Flexibility The company offers personalized services that cater to the unique needs of each client.
Global Presence With locations in several countries, Avanza can provide excellent customer service across the globe.
Cost-effective Avanza’s services are cost-effective, and clients can expect to receive excellent value for their investment.

Services Offered by Avanza Call Center

Avanza Call Center offers a variety of services to businesses across several industries. Below are some of the services offered:

Inbound Services

Avanza provides inbound services such as customer support, technical support, order processing, and information requests. The company’s agents are experts at handling inbound calls, providing excellent service, and resolving customer issues promptly.

Outbound Services

Avanza also offers outbound services such as telemarketing, lead generation, appointment setting, and market research. The company’s agents are trained to provide excellent outbound communication services that enable businesses to achieve their sales goals and objectives.

Back Office Support

Avanza provides back-office support services that include data entry, document management, and administrative support. The company’s team of experts can help businesses streamline their operations and achieve maximum productivity.

Multilingual Services

Avanza offers multilingual services that cater to businesses with a diverse clientele. The company’s agents can communicate in various languages, making it easier for clients to reach their target market globally.

FAQs About Avanza Call Center

1. What industries does Avanza serve?

Avanza Call Center serves a wide range of industries, including healthcare, retail, telecommunications, and finance, among others.

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2. Does Avanza offer 24/7 customer support?

Yes, Avanza offers 24/7 customer support to ensure that clients’ needs are met promptly.

3. What are Avanza’s working hours?

Avanza provides 24/7 customer support services to clients across the globe.

4. What languages does Avanza support?

Avanza offers multilingual services and can communicate in various languages, such as Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, and German, among others.

5. What training do Avanza’s agents receive?

Avanza’s agents undergo extensive training to ensure they have excellent communication skills and customer service expertise.

6. How does Avanza ensure quality control?

Avanza has a robust quality control process that ensures only the best customer service is provided to clients.

7. Can Avanza customize its services?

Yes, Avanza offers personalized services that cater to the unique needs of each client.

8. How does Avanza ensure data security?

Avanza has strict data security protocols in place to safeguard clients’ data and ensure data privacy.

9. How does Avanza handle customer complaints?

Avanza has a well-defined process for handling customer complaints, and agents are trained to resolve issues promptly and to customers’ satisfaction.

10. How does Avanza measure customer satisfaction?

Avanza uses several tools and techniques to measure customer satisfaction, such as customer feedback surveys and quality monitoring.

11. How can I contact Avanza?

You can contact Avanza by visiting their website and filling out the contact form or by calling their 24/7 customer support hotline.

12. How long does it take to set up Avanza’s services?

The time it takes to set up Avanza’s services varies depending on the specific requirements of each client.

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13. Does Avanza offer a money-back guarantee?

Avanza offers a satisfaction guarantee and will work with clients to resolve any issues they may have. The company does not offer a money-back guarantee.


Partnering with Avanza Call Center is an excellent choice if you’re looking for exceptional customer support services. With their industry experience, commitment to quality, and innovative solutions, Avanza has become one of the leading call centers globally. The company offers a wide range of services, including inbound and outbound services, back-office support, and multilingual services, making it an ideal choice for businesses with a diverse clientele. Take the first step in securing excellent customer service and contact Avanza today!

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